Choice for Communities 

Choice for Communities

Edmonton has one of the best public school systems anywhere, and one of the big reasons is that we have a wide range of educational options that support the different strengths and needs of our students. I think that one of the best ways we can strengthen our public education system is by building on this legacy of diversity.

We all have a stake in local education, because strong schools make for strong families and communities. But our communities are not all the same, and our schools shouldn’t be the same either. For some communities, this might mean that schools can partner with agencies who provide child care, after-hours programming or health providers. For others, the right partnerships might look very different. The important thing is that families and communities have real choices when it comes to services from schools.

One choice that I strongly support is for more schools to be able to provide alternative and bilingual education programs. These programs aren’t right for everyone, but for some students learning a foreign language will prove to be a vital skill that opens doors for them globally. We also know that students in second language programs tend to outperform their peers in English as well – it’s another tool at our disposal for language development. Further, it gives parents a real choice in programming between schools instead of simply hoping to get their children into the closest school. This could even help us to balance our use better between new and mature neighbourhoods.

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