What people are saying 

Bryan Anderson Bryan Anderson
City Councillor, Ward 9

"Nathan Ip has been an excellent Public School trustee. He has the educational interests of students and parents top of mind as he deals with the day to day issues faced by the public school trustees and administration. He is always available to attend neighbourhood meetings when education is part of the agenda. Nathan is worthy of your support in the upcoming election."

Stephen Mandel Stephen Mandel
Former Mayor of Edmonton

"I support Nathan because he is passionate about education and understands the importance of public education. We are lucky to have someone like Nathan Ip seeking to be a trustee. "

Michael Phair Michael Phair
Former City Councillor

"As an elected Trustee, Nathan Ip was consistently worked for educational excellence. New and modernized schools and a positive, safe and caring environment for every child in Edmonton Public Schools"

Stephen Gibson

Parent, Chappelle, Ward H

"Nathan Ip goes above and beyond as a school trustee for south west Edmonton.  When the school boundaries were announced for Donald R. Getty School, the community of Chappelle was very against these proposed boundaries as families living a block away from the school would not be included.  Nathan was very fast to identify key individuals in the community and explain all of the challenges from both sides, then work with the group to come up with proposed boundaries that the entire community feels is fair.  There is rarely an event you won't see Nathan attending, and asking parents how the schools are doing. You can tell by how involved Nathan is that he truly believes in being a bridge between the people and government.  He focuses on getting to know as many people in his ward as possible and addressing their concerns to the best of his ability.  I don't believe I have met any politician who works as hard or cares for his ward as much as Nathan does."

Sharon Gritter

Parent, Brander Gardens ROCKS coordinator

"Nathan Ip has been an excellent supporter of the work of Brander Gardens ROCKS, (reaching out to community kids). He has been involved with Brander Gardens ROCKS in the community dinners and meetings and understands the importance of supports in recreation, physical education, academics for families. He has supported the principals in giving value space for programs such as after school clubs, music schools and cooking clubs for youth new to Canada and/or living in poverty, so they can be involved in positive activities. His ideas of wrap around services in Edmonton Public Schools is a great indicator of his support of the whole child being successful in school, family and community. He is also supportive of pre-schoolers having access to early literacy and being successful before school even begins. As well, he actively attends community events and meetings to communicate his board’s work, and listens to suggestions made by families."

Greta Grestner,


"Nathan helped me navigate a challenging situation involving my daughter’s school. I know he cares about me and my family and I can rely on him to be there for us when we need him."

Jim Gurnettr

Former MLA and Executive Director of the Mennonite Centre for Newcomers

"I have followed Nathan Ip's work during his first term as a school trustee and look forward to him building on his positive contributions during that time as he continues to serve students and the community in leadership to ensure excellence in education."

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