Pre-enrolment and Registration Process for New Schools

Pre-enrolment and Registration Process for New Schools

Many have asked me about the pre-enrollment and registration process for the new schools. I have included an update below with the latest information from our district as well as additional links to the Edmonton Public Schools website.

Please contact Planning at 780-429-8539  or your local school Principal if you have any additional questions about registration. Do not hesitate to contact me should you require any assistance at or 780-429-8083.

Pre-Enrolment process for New Schools:

Beginning February 2, 2016, families of children entering kindergarten in September 2016 and students new to Edmonton Public Schools wishing to attend Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour, Nellie Carlson, or Roberta MacAdams schools, can pre-enrol for the 2016-2017 school year at any Edmonton Public School. Completed registration packages (including proof of residency) will be sent by the school to the Centre for Education in care of the principal assigned to the new school. Existing Edmonton Public School students wishing to pre-enrol at one of the new schools will do so online through the electronic pre-enrolment process beginning March 14, 2016.

Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour, Nellie Carlson, and Roberta McAdams schools will have open boundaries. Students residing within the attendance area are automatically accepted. Students residing outside of the attendance area may be subject to a random selection process.

Information on Attendance Area Boundaries:

Nellie Carlson School –

Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School –

Roberta McAdams School –

Information on Registration:

Principals for the New Schools:

Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School – Jody Lundell

Nellie Carlson School – Henry Madsen

Roberta McAdams – Dr. Karen Keats Whelan

2 thoughts on “Pre-enrolment and Registration Process for New Schools
  1. Arun says:

    I understand the new schools opening in 2016 and 2017 will only offer the regular program. But are alternative programs being considered already for Roberta MacAdams K-6 to begin in the near future.

  2. Marie SaLes says:

    Hi there I would like to enroll my son to kindergarden I would like to know what are the requirements he is 5 years old, and we also live in the area if I can set up an appointment that would be fantastic you can reach me at 780 2007158 or my email address is thank you kindly.
    Marie Sales

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