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For Immediate Release – April 5th, 2024

“During Danielle Smith’s time as Premier Alberta’s unemployment rate has grown by 20 per cent and has remained higher than the national average. Calgary alone has the fifth highest unemployment rate in the country. With stagnant wage growth and the highest inflation in the country, this government should be focused on creating jobs for Albertans.” 

“Danielle Smith broke her promise to lower taxes for Albertans and make life more affordable. Smith and her government built their budget on broken promises and now it’s Alberta families who are left paying the price.”

“A growing province needs a government that is focused on increasing the services that people rely on, but the UCP has failed to deliver on diversifying the economy with more jobs. And worse, they’ve made a chaotic mess of our health care and education systems.”

“Danielle Smith’s plan is clearly not working. It’s time for the UCP to step up and support Albertans.”

– 30 –

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