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Nathan Ip, Alberta NDP Critic for Jobs, Economy & Trade, issued the following statement in response to the November job numbers from Statistics Canada:

“Even with a net increase in jobs last month, unemployment rates continue to climb in the province and have remained higher than the national average throughout Danielle Smith’s time as premier.”

“Yesterday, the UCP presented a fiscal update that was built on the hope that Alberta will continue to see high oil prices. It does not offer everyday Albertans struggling to find good-paying jobs or pay their bills any relief.”

“In Calgary alone, there are 115,000 people at high risk for homelessness and we just saw nearly 10,000 people lose their job in the city.”

“With climbing unemployment and inflation continuing to outpace wages, the UCP are ignoring these issues by creating massive amounts of economic uncertainty by banning renewable energy development and planning to gamble away retirement security.”

“The UCP needs to come up with an actual plan to help Albertans find good-paying jobs, and pay their bills.”


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