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Nathan Ip


EPSB Trustee.

Community builder.

Education advocate.

Nathan is an inclusive education advocate and brings over 15 years of leadership experience in community development and the social profit sector where he led various provincial and national initiatives in areas of mental health, youth engagement and social equity.

Previously, he was the Alberta lead with the Mental Health Commission of Canada for the HEADSTRONG program – a national youth mental health leadership initiative.

Nathan brings extensive board governance experience including serving on the Community Services Advisory Board for the City of Edmonton, The Chinatown Economic Development Task Force, Our House Addiction Recovery Centre and the Edmonton Food Bank.

During his time on the board, Nathan has been a strong advocate for student mental health including advocating for more mental health funding for students. He also championed community hub model schools where community supports are integrated into a neighborhood school and successfully partnered with Councillor Tim Cartmell to help bring to life the vision of a community centre connected to Dr. Anne Anderson High School in Heritage Valley.

He is passionate about public education and has dedicated his career to advancing equity and inclusion. Presently, he is the Manager of Integrated Program Delivery at Innovate Edmonton where he works to support Edmonton’s growing innovation ecosystem.

Experienced School Board Trustee


Elected to 3-terms as a trustee on the Edmonton Public School Board, Nathan is a strong advocate for public education. Through his leadership, he has successfully secured more new schools in Southwest Edmonton. He is a strong supporter of the Mandarin Bilingual program and spearheaded the building of a community centre at Dr.Anne Anderson High School.

Champion for families and communities


Nathan has over 15 years of community development experience and has led province-wide initiatives in mental health and early childhood development. A recognized leader for his work inequity and inclusion, Nathan has served on many municipal boards and commissions including the Chinatown Economic Development Task Force, Community Services Advisory Board and the Edmonton Public Schools Foundation.

Business and innovation leader


Nathan understands the importance of innovation to our economy and businesses. In his role as a manager for the City of Edmonton’s Innovation Agency, Nathan works with entrepreneurs in the technology sector to realize their goals and aspirations. He will bring that experience to government.

I believe we all have an important stake in public education. Each one of us have a role to play to ensure that we have a strong, inclusive and equitable public school system where every student can find success and flourish.

Nathan Ip


Nathan is a proven leader for Edmonton South West! Successfully elected to Edmonton Public, vice-chair of the School Board, Ip has earned the respect of his community and his constituents. The Alberta New Democrats need a strong ethical MLA from Edmonton South West and I strongly support Nathan Ip as the nominee—he is a leader!

Michael PhairFormer Edmonton City Councillor

As a retired senior public school leader, I am pleased to endorse Nathan Ip in his bid for the NDP candidate in Edmonton South West. I am very impressed by his leadership style, his ability to work with others, and his respect for everyone. His years of experience as a Public School Trustee has demonstrated his commitment to social justice, equality and honest leadership. Nathan will bring a sensitive, articulate, and intelligent voice to provincial government. As an experienced elected official Nathan has illustrated, he has the strength to listen to concerns and is determined to stand up for every member of his constituency.

Heather RaymondSenior Public School Leader

For more than 20 years Nathan Ip has encouraged and inspired me with confidence we can have a better world. Since he was a young high school activist calling for better public policy to end poverty and through his years of hard work as a school trustee, Nathan Ip has made service to the community a core value in his life. And he has demonstrated strong skills as a communicator and organizer. I have worked more than 10 years in the Alberta Legislature as an MLA and a staff person and I am confident Nathan Ip has what it takes to be an outstanding MLA in every way.

Jim GurnettFormer MLA

I met Nathan in 2013 when he announced his candidacy for Public School Trustee in Edmonton. I was immediately impressed with the research he had done and how knowledgeable he was about key educational issues in Ward H, throughout Edmonton Public School District and the Province. It was clear to me that he would be an incredible advocate for students, and an effective community leader. He is hardworking and genuine, he is also humble and credits the team for significant achievements like new schools in Ward H. The strong relationships he has worked to develop throughout the communities he represents will serve him well in his bid to win the NDP nomination in Edmonton South West.

Patty DittrickFormer President Public School Boards Association of Alberta

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