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Nathan Ip, Alberta NDP Critic for Jobs, Economy and Trade issued the following statement in response to the the Labour Force survey:

In the year that Danielle Smith has been Premier of this province, Alberta’s unemployment rate has risen from 5.9 to 6.2 per cent. We continue to experience higher rates of unemployment than the Canadian average, higher than the other western provinces.”

Alberta has among the worst employment rate in Canada for women aged 25-54, lagging behind the national average. On International Women’s Day, this isn’t something to celebrate.

“People coming to Alberta are not able to find meaningful work once they get here. Our employment rate isn’t keeping up with our influx of people looking for opportunities. When they arrive, people will see the government hasn’t kept up essential services they need like health and education supports, which are woefully underfunded in this year’s budget.”

“Danielle Smith’s ‘Alberta is calling’ campaign needs to come with an asterisk that says: *but there may be no job, health care or education when you get here.”


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