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Alberta NDP Jobs Economy and Trade Critic Nathan Ip issued the following statement in response to Premier Danielle Smith’s mandate letter to Minister Matt Jones:

“Albertans deserve a government that pursues bold actions to lead our economy for the future. Today’s mandate letter from Premier Smith to Minister Jones was disappointing and fell way short in this regard. Instead of detailing the specific actions Alberta will take to skill up our workforce and diversify our economy for the future, this letter is mostly vague, unambitious platitudes that lack specifics.”

“The most specific promise—a $1,200 signing bonus for skilled workers—falls far short of the $5,000 to $10,000 bonuses offered for health care workers in other jurisdictions. I fear it will not be enough to move the needle and improve staffing in our hospitals and rural health centres, especially at a time when there are more than 800,000 Albertans without access to a family doctor.”

“The Alberta NDP will continue to develop and propose new solutions to grow and expand the economy. I look forward to engaging with Minister Jones on this important work.”


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